Tucker and Jeremy Graves, bestselling author of The Mind Illuminated, will be teaching a virtual retreat from the morning of 31 July through the afternoon of 2 August.

How Does An Online Retreat Work?

You’ll have 1-2 personal meetings with Tucker or Jeremy throughout the course of the weekend, plus office hours for additional meetings. There will be a daily dharma talk, and a schedule of sitting meditations on Zoom and walking meditations (probably not on Zoom, unless you want to). While many people will do this from home, you could also try to score a rural spot with good wifi.

How Much Does It Cost?

The retreat is paid by “Dana,” which is a donation to the teacher. The idea of Dana is to be as generous as is as reasonable for you. However, to ensure that people who sign up are actually planning to attend, there is a Flake Tax of USD85 = apx AUD125. If you’d like to give less than this amount as Dana, you can request a refund of part of your Flake Tax (minus transfer fees), as long as you attend the retreat. If you sign up and don’t attend the whole time, your Flake Tax becomes nonrefundable. And of course if you’re able to give more Dana than USD85, it will be gratefully appreciated and help these retreats continue.

What’s The Schedule?

I’ll post the schedule a week or so beforehand, since I’ll need to know how big of a time zone spread the attendees have (eg if there’s people from Perth to Tahiti, we’ll need a different schedule than if there’s people just from Adelaide to Sydney). In NSW time, we’ll probably start around 8AM Friday and end around 3PM Sunday.

Can I Come for Part of the Retreat?

Because it’s such a short retreat, I wouldn’t generally recommend that, but feel free to contact me about exceptions.

I Live with Other People, So I Won’t Be Able To Keep Perfect Noble Silence.

That’s OK, just do your best! We’ll talk about how to interact with family/roommates at the opening dharma talk.

How Do I Sign Up?

There’s a mere two steps! First, fill out this Google Form. Second, pay the optionally-refundable-if-you-don’t-cancel-or-flake registration fee.

How Do I Pay the Fee?

The cheapest way to pay the fee is on TransferWise, either the app or Transferwise.com. When you enter my name and email (first name dot last name at gmail) as the recipient, the other questions on the form should disappear. If you’ve filled out the Google Form & gotten your confirmation from Transferwise, your registration is complete.

If you think it’s likely you’ll need a refund, your account is in AUD, and money is tight enough that you don’t want to lose round-trip transfer fees, please contact me, as there’s an Australian who can hold onto the money and then we won’t need to convert it.