CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Then pay sliding scale $125 – $200 to tucker-peck on Venmo

Registration is now open for the residential retreat at Hillside School, 1581 Leroy Ave in Berkeley.  It starts at 6PM on Thursday February 24, and ends at 2PM on Sunday February 27.  Attendees must be present and on retreat the whole time.  During the retreat, we’ll practice Noble Silence, meaning we will generally not speak, and we will completely refrain from any communication technologies.  There will be an emergency contact number if folks need to reach you.  

Schedule Most of the day we’ll be doing sitting and walking meditation. There will be three meals, a dharma talk in the evening, some time for exercise, and 1 – 2 scheduled meetings with Tucker during the weekend.

Registration & Payment There are two quick steps to register.  Please fill out this brief form and send the registration fee via Venmo to tucker-peck (contact me if you don’t have Venmo).  It’s a sliding scale from $125 – $200.  This only covers the cost of catered food and supplies; it does not pay for teachings.  In Buddhist tradition, you’ll pay for these afterwards by donation.  There’s no suggested donation; the only idea is to be generous, whatever that means for you.  If you want to come and can’t afford $125, you can apply (ASAP) for a scholarship through the Open Dharma Foundation. Registration is nonrefundable.

The Facility Hillside school is a very large space whose owner has donated it to us for the weekend!  As this is not usually a retreat center, you’ll need to bring all your bedding (eg an air mattress or a sleeping pad, pillow & blanket, etc) and your meditation seat.  If you can’t easily do this, the registration form has a place where you can let us know, and we’ll get it figured out.  The vibe will be like indoor camping, and you’re actually invited to pitch an indoor tent if you’d like some more privacy! If you’re looking for a fun, sleepover sort of feel, you will love this retreat, and if you’re looking for high-end, luxury accommodations … probably the “$125 for 3 nights in Berkeley including food” has tipped you off that this might not be for you.

Covid Policy Things are changing so quickly that it’s no longer possible to write a reasonable covid policy that will still be valid even a few weeks in advance, so we’ll have to announce the policy as it gets closer. In the past we have required vaccination and permitted people to contact us if they need an exception (which thus far no one ever has). We will not require masks, as the retreat will involve way more indoor shared airspace than masking is likely to help with.