When and Where Is It?

5- 14 June, 2020 at Oshofors in Avesta, Sweden, 1.25 hours from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport by train.  The retreat will be taught by Tucker and Upasaka Upali.

What Will It Be Like?


No, really, what should I expect?

A meditation retreat is a break from the world during which we focus exclusively on meditation.  We will not use phones, internet, or the like, and our time will be almost entirely devoted to caring for our bodies (eating, showering, exercising) and meditation.   You will have scheduled private meetings with Tucker and Upali, and there will be a nightly dharma talk.

Can I Really Do This For Ten Days?  Me?

Yes.  Though if you have any physical or mental health conditions you’re concerned might alter this pre-fab “yes”, please ask!

How Do I Sign Up?

The first step is to fill out this Google form, and then wait until Tucker responds to you.  The response will let you know either to submit payment, or that you’re on the waitlist.

How Much Will It Cost, and What’s Included?

The cost of the retreat is USD$590, which is €530 and £451 as of December 2019.  This includes lodging and 3 meals a day.   It does not include “dana,” which is payment to the teachers for the teachings, traditionally paid after the retreat finishes.  While traditionally students are asked to be as generous as possible, the amount of money that would be considered generous varies greatly between students, so there is no minimum or suggested amount for this.  Transportation to the center is also not included.

That’s a Great Price for a Ten-Day Retreat, But I Can’t Afford That Plus Travel and Dana.

You’re welcome to apply for a scholarship through the Open Dharma Foundation.  Applications of less than USD300 are accepted anytime, and larger applications are accepted on or before the 15th of Jan, Apr, July, and Oct.

I’ve Got Some Extra Cash.  Can I Help Others Attend Retreats?

Absolutely!  The Open Dharma Foundation is always in need of donations to help people attend retreats who couldn’t otherwise afford to go.

How Do I Pay for the Retreat?

Please don’t pay until you have filled out the Google form and gotten email confirmation that there is still space left on the retreat.  Normally it’s only about a day or two until you’ll get confirmed.

Because Tucker has fronted the money for the retreat and is American, you’ll need to send USD rather than Euro.   The cheapest way to pay if your money isn’t in USD is by setting up an account on TransferWise (or the Transferwise app) and then sending money to tucker.peck@gmail.com; it seems Transferwise has the lowest exchange rate, and it’s quick to set up an account.  You can also pay via PayPal to that same email (the receipt will say eSangha), ensuring it’s a friends-and-family transfer.

Additional instructions

1.) If you use PayPal, please ensure before you click “send” that the transfer somewhere says “friends and family” and not “goods and services.” If you click “send” without doing this properly, we’ll need to charge you an extra USD30 to cover a nonrefundable PayPal fee, so please double-check!

2.) Don’t use the donate button on this website, which is automatically a PayPal goods-and-services transfer.

3.) If you use Transferwise, it will ask for some of Tucker’s personal info, e.g. bank account and address.  Once you enter his name and email address, those questions will disappear.

The cost of transferring money falls on the retreatant, such that the total amount of USD590 gets transferred.

What’s the Cancellation Policy?

Our goal is to keep the cost of the retreat as low as possible, which means that we aren’t able to offer refunds.

Will the Retreat Sell Out?

Probably, since last summer’s retreat did.

What Will the Sleeping Arrangements Be Like, and Can I Have a Private Room?

Possibly, but it’s a good assumption that you’ll have one roommate.  We won’t do room assignments until we arrive.  You can see more about the rooms on the Oshofors website.

It Looks Like Oshofors Is Affiliated with the Deceased Teacher Osho.  What Affiliation does eSangha Have with Osho?

None.  We are just renting a facility whose owners are followers of his teachings.

I Only Eat Macrobiotic Hallal Kosher Vegan Bacon, and I Only Eat Fish Caught on Fly Tackle Deep in the Mariana Trench …

We’ll do our best to handle dietary restrictions, but if you have a very unusual diet and would like to bring and prepare your own food, please let us know.  We will be able to accommodate both vegetarian and ketogenic diets.  Hans and Anki will be returning as our head chefs and the food is amazing.  They generally keep ingredients separate such that if, say, you can’t eat soy, the soy will be in a different bowl than the rest of the dinner.

When Should I Get to and Leave Oshofors?

No later than 17.00 on 5 June.  We will finish the retreat by 10.00AM on 14 June.

On A Scale of 1 – 10, How Great Will the Third Annual European eSangha Retreat Be?