This class meets at Palo Santo and is especially helpful for those suffering psychological distress.  It is a class for beginners, so no previous experience is required! The current class is full, and the next one will start in early March. Stay tuned to this page or contact us for more info.

The curriculum for Meditation for Psychological Wellbeing is based off the mindfulness-based stress reduction class developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  You’ll learn how to bring mindfulness into your daily life, meditate on both your body and breath, and meditate while moving.  You’ll also learn a meditation designed to help you feel more connected to others.

After five years of teaching this class, the most common comment I hear from new students is, “I can’t meditate, because I can’t get my mind to be quiet.”  As far as I know, hardly anybody can get their mind to be quiet, and so in this class, you will never be asked to quiet your mind.  As you may have noticed, when you try to do this, it just seems to make your mind louder, anyways.