Tucker will be teaching a 3-night retreat at the Brahma Kumaris Blue Mountains Retreat Center in Leura. It will begin at 5PM on Friday, 18 November, and we’ll conclude at 2PM on Monday, 21 November.

What’s a Meditation Retreat?

It’s a period where we’ll shut off all connectivity to the outside world and, besides taking care of our bodies (eg eating 3 meals a day, sleeping, etc), we’ll focus entirely on meditation.

Well that sounds great! How do I sign up?

There are a mere two steps to registering. First, fill out this brief registration form. Second, please send payment. The payment includes lodging and all of your meals, including lunch on Monday. A twin share with an ensuite costs $450, and a private room costs $550. Prices will go up starting 1 October. This does not include any payment to the teacher, which is traditionally given after the retreat ends.

OK, so how much should I pay the teacher?

While there is no suggested amount, our suggestion is to think of what’s sustainable. As in, if students each pay $10, Tucker won’t be able to teach retreats very often, and if students give $10,000, they won’t be able to attend retreats very often! Whatever number feels sustainable both for you and generous to the teacher is the perfect amount. And since this is paid after the retreat, please don’t include this in the registration fee.

Well I know you just gave it to me, but since I’ve made it to the end of the page here, can I have the links to the two steps to register again?

1.) Fill out the registration form

2.) Submit Payment by following these instructions over here