April 28 – May 1, Dr. Tucker Peck and Michael Taft will teach a silent weekend meditation retreat.

What Will The Retreat Be Like?

There will be dharma talks by both of us, guided meditations by Michael, and one scheduled individual interview, plus office hours. There will also be unguided group sits, where we’ll sit as a group in front of the Zoom window. We encourage you to set the entire time aside for silent retreat, not working or interacting with anyone outside the retreat for the weekend, but if that’s not possible, you’re welcome to join and be as much in retreat mode as you can be.

What’s The Timing?

In the Americas, the retreat will go from Thursday at 17:00 to Sunday at around 12:30 San Francisco time.

In Europe/Africa/Middle East, from Thursday at 18:00 (which is a group sit; first dharma talk is 19:30) to Sunday at around 14:00 Berlin time.

In Asia/ANZ, the retreat starts at 9AM on Friday Sydney time and ends at the end of the day Sunday (unless you wanna wake up really early Monday morning to join the Americas’ closing ceremony at 4:45).

Well That Sounds Great For Me! Should I Sign Up Quickly Before It Sells Out?

The retreat itself probably won’t sell out, since the online format gives us essentially unlimited capacity. The interviews with Tucker and Michael will sell out, and folks registering after that will meet with Dr. Kynan Tan. Presently there are still open spaces for Tucker and Michael.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tucker and Michael will only charge Dana, meaning you pay us what you’d like, and traditionally students pay this after the retreat finishes. However, we’ve found that if there’s no up-front charge, people might sign up and then bail, so we have what we call a “Flake Tax” of USD100. If you attend the entire time and you would like to pay more in Dana, of course you’re welcome to, and if you’d like to pay less in Dana than the registration fee costs, you can request a refund of whatever amount you’d like (minus any transaction costs). If you cancel or don’t attend the whole time you committed to, the registration fee becomes nonrefundable.

How Do I Sign Up?

There’s a mere two steps, and your spot is not reserved until you have completed both steps, First, fill out This Google Form. Second, pay the optionally-refundable-if-you-don’t-cancel-or-flake registration fee. Please don’t do one step without the other, as this creates administrative headaches for us.

How Do I Pay the Fee?

Please send all payments (both flake tax & dana) to Tucker, not directly to Michael.

If your money is in USD, please Venmo tucker-peck. If your money isn’t in USD, please use the app/site Wise to send money to Tucker’s email address (his name, with a dot in the middle, at Gmail; the other questions on the transfer form should disappear when you enter this), or contact Tucker if you’d like to pay on Revolut or with cryptocurrency.

You can use PayPal, but please double-check that the transfer says “friends and family,” or it will charge a nonrefundable fee (so we we’d need to charge you a second fee), and please don’t use the pay button on this site. PayPal also has terrible transfer rates if your money isn’t in USD, so you’ll save a decent amount with Wise or Revolut.