Dr. Tucker Peck is a meditation teacher and Clinical Psychologist. He studied meditation with Sharon Salzberg and then with Upasaka Culadasa.  A former professor, he is the founding director of the scholarship fund Open Dharma Foundation, and co-host of the podcast Teaching Meditation.  He lives in Alameda, California, an island in the San Francisco Bay. You can read more about Tucker here.

“Tucker Peck is both bright and wise. He has a great talent for taking classical psychotherapeutic and meditative insights and making them real for our time and concerns. He is also a lot of fun.”

Sharon Salzberg, New York Times bestselling author of Real Happiness

“My old friend Tucker Peck combines in one person the best of two worlds. As a scientist, his presentations are precise and respectful of the beautiful complexities of the subject matter. But also as a human being, he’s very real about manifesting his personality–sharing challenges as well as breakthroughs.”

Shinzen Young, Author of The Science of Enlightenment

Tucker Peck is the kind of meditation teacher I wish I had from the very start: smart, savvy, psychologically-informed, and with a strong depth of practice. He will get who you are and where you’re at, and help you to get where you want to go. Bonus—he’s got a great sense of humor!

– Michael Taft, bestselling author of The Mindful Geek and host of Deconstructing Yourself

“Only connect – it sustains our lives. What do we look for in a fine meditation teacher? Real wisdom that springs from the real experience of facing hardship. Authentic compassion. A good brain. A way with words that reaches our minds and hearts. And abundant humor. (That one isn’t necessary, but it sure helps.) Tucker Peck has these qualities and more. But above all he can connect. And through connection Tucker instructs and inspires, a spiritual friend who can help to sustain us along the Great Way of freedom that is sometimes easy and sometimes hard.”

Eric Kolvig, longtime IMS dharma teacher