Class dates and registration for the Intro Course can be found here on Upali’s Website.  

About the Course

This is a live and interactive video chat course averaging anywhere from 5 – 10 students per session.   The intimate course size allows for personalized feedback about your practice in each class.  It will be taught in a shamatha-vipassana style as described in The Mind Illuminated by Upasaka Culadasa and is recommended for anyone in stages 1 to 4 of the TMI method.  The course is a great way to inspire and inform your meditation, with the ultimate goal of establishing a consistent and rewarding practice.  Each class you will receive specific advice for your practice based on your meditation experiences during the week.

About the Teacher

Upasaka Upali (Paul Peterson) is Tucker Peck’s teaching partner and a teacher in training with Culadasa.  He was ordained an Upasaka in Culadasa’s lineage.  Upali enjoys solo meditation retreats in the wilderness but is especially interested in practical applications of the meditative path in day-to-day life.  He teaches mindfulness in underserved elementary schools in the Southeast in addition to teaching online classes with eSangha.


Check out Upali’s website for more info: