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Life of the Buddha

Buddhist History

Noble Truths 1 & 2

Noble Truths 3&4 + Right View

Four Noble Truths (Talk given in Tucson, incorporates talks 2 & 3)

Right Livelihood + Right Intention

Eightfold path 3 – 8 (given in Tucson)

Right Speech + Metta @ 34 mins

Right Action

Right Effort

Right Mindfulness by Nick Hay

Modern Meanings of Mindfulness

Right Concentration by Daniel Ingram

Three Characteristics


Links of Dependent Origination 1

Links of Dep Orig 2 + Rebirth

Meditation and Social Justice

Meditation, Sex, and Relationships

Resistance to Meditation

Meditation & Death

Diversity of Practices (short talk)

Craving for living & dying

Progress on the Meditative Path

Healing Adjuncts to the Eightfold Path

Gross Distraction, Love, and Surrender (short talk)

Meditation & Emotions

Psychological Healing, Enlightenment, and Emptiness

 Is Life a Dream? (Formerly this talk was mislabeled, but now it’s really the dream talk)