Tucker is able to offer individual meditation teaching sessions, either in-person or over video chat. These sessions cost $185 for 50 minutes or $95 for 25 minutes.

The rationale for this session fee is that Tucker is a psychologist, and an individual meditation session requires buying an hour of his therapy clinic time, so this is the same rate as therapy.  While this is quite a low rate for a psychologist in California, if you are looking for meditation teaching at a lower cost from someone who is not a psychologist, please contact Upasaka Upali or Kynan Tan.

These individual sessions are the only dharma teaching that Tucker does that is not by Dana (donation), so if you’d like to work with him and can’t afford the rate for an individual session, please join him at eSangha, or at a retreat!

For more specific info on payment  & scheduling, please click here.