All my teaching is by donation except individual meetings, which have a fixed cost, since they minute-by-minute conflict with my job as a psychologist.  The procedure for these is:

  • Sessions are 50 minutes for (USD) $150 or 25 minutes for $75.
  • If your money is in USD, Venmo or PayPal work great.  If your money isn’t in USD, it’s generally cheaper for you to pay via a website/app called Wise.  If you put in my name and email (my name, period in between first and last, at Gmail), all the other questions will disappear from the form, so you don’t need my bank info, address, etc.  If you use PayPal, please don’t use the donate button on this website, and make sure it says “Friends and family” somewhere in the transfer.  Otherwise, PayPal takes a significant fee.  (The fee is for fraud prevention, which you hopefully don’t need for talking to a dharma teacher!  The friends-and-family option waives the fraud prevention and is free).  I can also take Revolut, but as this requires entering my cell phone number, please contact me first.
  • Generally, I’ve found it helpful to do a full 50-minute session for the first meeting, unless we already know each other fairly well.
  • If you find you do not need all the time that you booked, you do still need to pay for the whole amount, since this appointment precludes me from using the time to earn my livelihood in other ways.
  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, you’ll need to pay 50% of the agreed on-price.
  • If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice or don’t show up for your appointment more than once, you’ll need to pay the full rate starting with the second missed or late-cancelled appointment.
  • I’ll send you a calendar invite for the appointment, and that calendar invite is the official time we’ve committed to.  Please double-check that the invite is correct, as you’ll be billed for that slot.
  • Please make sure you’re at a stable internet connection, as we can’t extend or cancel the appointment due to faulty internet.  I can call your phone if you’re in the US, Canada, or Mexico, but my phone can’t call numbers elsewhere.