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eSangha is an advanced meditation class that meets once a week on Zoom, and we have been meeting every Tuesday since the spring of 2012!  This ninety-minute class consists of Q&A related to meditation, Dharma, and other similar topics. If you are interested in joining but aren’t sure whether you fall into the category of “advanced,” please let me know!  There are semi-regular 6-week intro classes for people wishing to join eSangha, as well.


The “American” class, which works well for people in the Americas, Australia/Pacific, and East Asia, meets Tuesdays from 5:30 – 7:00 PM San Francisco time.  The “European” class, for people in Europe, West/South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East meets Tuesdays at from 18:00 – 19:30 London time.


First, fill out the form below to be added to our eSangha mailing list. The mailing list is well-moderated and relatively low-volume.

Each week, you’ll receive a Zoom link at start-time.   All you need to do to join is be at a reliable internet connection in a fairly private and quiet location and click on the link in your email.

During eSangha, please turn off your cell phone and close all other windows and programs on your computer except eSangha. While it would of course be ideal to attend all 90 minutes of each class, if on certain weeks you can only attend part of this class, you are welcome to do so.  However, if you come more than 30 minutes late, you may not have an opportunity to talk that week. If you are unable to access the internet, it is also possible to join eSangha by telephone; if you’d like to do this, please let me know at least a few minutes prior to class.


“A teacher who teaches for free is someone who doesn’t teach very often.”   Therefore, eSangha has a fee of $10 – $20 per class. If you would not be able to pay $10/class and still attend as often as you’d like, it is OK to pay less. If you can’t afford to pay anything, you’re welcome to attend for free for as long as you need to, but please let me know (since this helps distinguish people in financial need from people who forgot!).

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