I agree to personally accept any risks associated with this retreat, occurring before, during, or after the retreat.  I agree to hold Tucker Peck, PhD, PLLC and affiliated people and entities, including but not limited to Tucker Peck, Paul Peterson (Upali), Diamond Mountain and any other retreat teachers/facilitators/staff harmless (henceforth included under the term “organizer” or “organizers”) from any liability in connection with the retreat, occurring before, during, or after.  I understand that organizer is simply helping make a spreadsheet for people to form a carpool and to drive their own cars, and that drivers are not agents of or affiliated with organizer; organizer holds no liability for actions or negligence of drivers.  I am aware that while Diamond Mountain is taking precautions against transmission of disease, it is of course still possible that I will catch a contagious disease while on the retreat, including Covid-19, and I personally accept all such risks and indemnify organizers.  I know that if I buy a massage, I am buying this directly from the massage therapist, who is not an agent/affiliate of the organizers, and the organizers accept no liability for actions or negligence of massage therapist.  I understand that Tucker is working in his capacity as a meditation teacher, not a psychologist, and that if I need treatment for mental health concerns, I will seek out a healthcare professional licensed in my area.