Tucker and Upali will be teaching a retreat at EarthSpirit Centre near Glastonbury, England. Students will arrive at 6PM on Friday, 17 June, and we’ll depart after lunch on Friday, 24 June.

Well great! What can you tell me about it?

The retreat will be in Noble Silence, meaning we won’t use any communication devices, and with a few exceptions, we won’t speak for the duration. Most of the day will be devoted to sitting and walking meditation. There will be talks every evening, and you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet with the teachers each day. We teach student-centered dharma, meaning that you can explore whatever practice you like; not all students will be practicing the same style of meditation.

There’s A Sauna, Right?


Can I Get A Private Room?

Maybe. If there’s space available, the center allows people to pay an extra fee of approximately £100 for a private room. If you’d want to do this, please let us know on the registration form, and we’ll let you know if we’ve got enough space to fulfill your request a few weeks before the retreat (and we’d ask for the extra fee at that time). Otherwise, most people will have just one roommate.

Well I’m in! How Do I Sign Up?

There are TWO steps: You’ll need to fill out the registration form, and then you’ll need to pay. Please do both steps together, as it creates some admin headaches for us if the two lists don’t match. Info on how to pay is over here.

OK Cool, So How Much Does It Cost?

There are three room options: en suite (private bathroom for you + a roommate), standard (shared bathroom), and camping. All prices are in British pounds.

En suite: £675

Standard: £655

Camping: £555

This does not include any payments to the teachers. Payment to the teachers is traditionally made by donation after the retreat. While there is no suggested amount, our suggestion is to think of what’s sustainable. As in, if students each pay us £10, we won’t be able to teach retreats very often, and if students give us £10,000, they won’t be able to attend retreats very often! Whatever number feels sustainable both for you and generous to the teacher is the perfect amount. And since this is paid after the retreat, please don’t include this in the registration fee.

Of course transportation to the center is not included.

The center also charges small fees to folks with dietary restrictions. These are included in the registration form.

What Is The Covid Protocol?

It’s impossible to determine more than a few weeks in advance of the retreat, given how quickly things have been changing. We will not require masking, as we’ll be sharing way more indoor airspace than masking is likely to help with. It’s possible we’d have to require vaccine passports (or equivalent for non-EU residents), but we’ll need to see both what the safety and regulatory situation is at the time of the retreat.

What Should I Do If I Have Questions?

EarthSpirit Center has asked us to handle registration, but as we’ve actually never been there before, while of course we can answer questions about the retreat schedule, we probably can’t answer too many questions about the center, the food, the pricing, etc. For questions about the center, please contact office@earthspirit-centre.co.uk.

Well Now That I’ve Finished Reading, Can I Get The Links To The Two Steps One More Time?

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