This workshop will include meditation, Q&A, and talks related to the intersection of dharma and modern psychology.  The dharma teaches, as the Buddha says, “suffering and the end of suffering,” which is similar to the aim of modern-day psychology.  However, the two schools conceptualize the mind, suffering, and the route to happiness differently.  We’ll explore how these two methods of understanding the human mind compare and contrast, and when we might want to use one lens rather than the other.  The weekend will include the practice of different forms of traditional Buddhist meditation, including concentration (samatha), insight (vipassana), and metta.  Beginners are welcome! The workshop will be taught by Dr. Tucker Peck, an American clinical psychologist and longtime teacher of Buddhist meditation.

The workshop will be 10AM -5:00PM, 26- 27 November, 2022. Each day there will be a break for lunch. We have a great venue at CERES. Space is limited, so click here for more information and to sign up!

DIRECTIONS: When you arrive at Ceres, head to the Van Raay meetings rooms number 3 & 4.