Upali and Tucker will be teaching a 10-day retreat over video chat from November 13 – 22. You can join from anywhere with a stable internet connection, either from home, or from a quiet rural place (eg score a cabin) if you can get one and your home isn’t so conducive to meditating. If you can do it safely, you might also get a small group together to share a cabin.

How Does an Online Retreat Work?

The retreat will have interviews scheduled every second day, with the option to meet with a teacher more frequently if you’d like. There will be daily dharma talks, as well as group meditations. Meditations and interviews will be based on your time zone and schedule. Dharma talks will be live in the evening in Europe, which is the afternoon in the eastern US, late morning in the western US, and uncomfortably timed for people in ANZ and Asia. Depending on registration, we will either give some separate talks for people in ANZ and Asia, or we will post daily recordings of the talks.

Can I Attend for Less Than The Whole Time?

Yes, but Tucker & Upali’s interview schedules will be filled by the first 50 people to sign up for the full retreat. So there is a chance that if lots of people sign up and you don’t attend the whole retreat, your interview(s) might be with a different teacher, to be announced later. You would still see Tucker & Upali daily in dharma talks and be able to meet with them in office hours.

How Much Does It Cost?

Upali and I will only charge Dana, meaning you pay us what you’d like. However, we’ve found that if there’s no up-front charge, people might sign up and then bail, so we have what we call a “Flake Tax.” It’s $300 for the whole retreat, $100 for just the first weekend, and $200 for any other schedule you’d like to keep (eg both weekends, 3 days in the middle, etc.), as long as you let us know the schedule in advance. If you attend the entire time you signed up for and you would like to pay more in Dana, of course you’re welcome to, and if you’d like to pay less in Dana than the registration fee costs, you can request a refund of whatever amount you’d like (minus any transaction costs). If you cancel or don’t attend the whole time you committed to, the registration fee becomes nonrefundable.

Well That’s A Clever System, Tucker


How Do I Sign Up?

There’s a mere two steps, and your spot is not reserved until you have completed both steps! First, fill out This Google Form. Second, pay the optionally-refundable-if-you-don’t-cancel-or-flake registration fee.

How Do I Pay the Fee?

If your money is in USD, please Venmo tucker-peck. If your money isn’t in USD, please send TransferWise to my email address (my name, with a dot in the middle, at Gmail; the other questions on the transfer form should disappear when you enter my email and name), or contact me if you’d like to pay on Revolut.

You can use PayPal, but please double-check that the transfer says “friends and family,” or it will charge a nonrefundable fee (so we we’d need to charge you a second fee), and please don’t use the pay button on this site. PayPal also has terrible transfer rates if your money isn’t in USD, so you’ll save a decent amount with Transferwise or Revolut.